Meet the Masterclass Academy Team!

Hey there, Hair Enthusiasts!

It’s time to unveil the brilliant minds and creative talents and Meet the Masterclass Academy Team! We’re thrilled to introduce you to the individuals who are passionate about guiding and inspiring our students on their exciting journey through the world of hairdressing.

Meet Alison, Head of Education.

With an impressive 34 years of industry experience under her belt, Alison’s journey began from a burning desire to unleash her creativity. Today, she pours that passion into nurturing the next generation of hairstylists at Masterclass Academy. Alison’s favourite part of teaching? Watching our students embark on their trans-formative journey, from novices to Level 3 certified professionals.

Meet Our Training Consultants & Assessors:

Now, let’s dive into the vibrant personalities that form the backbone of our educational team.

Mel: A dedicated instructor and assessor with nearly 28 years of industry experience. Mel stumbled into hairstyling unexpectedly during a work experience placement at a salon. Since then, she’s been hooked. At Masterclass Academy, Mel thrives on igniting creativity and witnessing our students’ confidence bloom as they hone their skills.

Sam: With 33 years of expertise in the industry, Sam’s journey into hairdressing was ignited by a love for styling his sister’s locks and an insatiable urge to keep moving. At our academy, Sam revels in nurturing the growth and development of our learners. Sam enjoys guiding our students along their individual training path with unwavering support.

Patrick: Armed with 21 years of industry experience. Patrick’s decision to dive into hairdressing was fueled by his love for connecting with people and his natural knack for creativity. At Masterclass Academy, Patrick finds joy in leveraging his extensive expertise to help our students blossom into confident professionals.

Eloise: Our talented instructor with nearly 7 years of industry experience. Eloise was drawn to the world of hairdressing by her passion for both the creative and practical aspects of the craft. Here at Masterclass Academy, Eloise derives immense fulfillment from witnessing the journey of our students as they gain confidence and skill. She enjoys watching them create beautiful hair with flair and finesse.

We can’t wait for you to get to know these incredible individuals who infuse Masterclass Academy with creativity, learning, and growth. Stay tuned for more updates and exclusive features from our team!

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The Team at Masterclass Hair Academy